Panas Music
Learn and Perform

Private Lessons

We will teach you how to play, read music, and perform before a live audience.
  1. Music Lessons - Beginner
    We offer lessons for beginning students, for a variety of music genres, including jazz, classical, and rock. You will learn the essential elements of method and theory, the basics of proper embouchure, how to read music, and how to produce beautiful sound.
  2. Music Lessons - More Advanced
    We offer lessons for more advanced students, particularly for jazz and classical genres. You will learn more advanced elements of theory, as it pertains to innovation and solo performance. You will also learn more advanced techniques of exploring musical sound.
  3. Music Lessons - Ensembles
    We offer lessons for ensembles, as well, which includes group clinics and master classes to address the dynamics and sound of the group, including an exploration of sound, tempo, and sax harmony.

Professional Musicians

We teach you how to read music, play instruments and perform live.
Felipe Alvarado is owner and lead instructor of Panas Music:
  • Over 20 years playing and performing
  • Over 10 years instructing students
  • Excellence in composing and recording music
  • Panas Music is located in Etobicoke, Ontario, near Rt.427
  • It is recommended that students for sax be 10 or over
  • Flexible payment policy
  • Panas excells in providing superb individual instruction
  • 68 Harpreet Circle, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9W0E2
  • Call: (647) 608-5912 to arrange lessons.
A bit about Felipe Alverado
Felipe recognized his musical passion early on. When he graduated high school, he followed his lifelong dream to be a professional musician by pursuing a degree from the Conservatorio de Musica Simon Bolivar, in Caracas Venezuela. Recently he has moved to Toronto to pursue his career here, and has performed with a number of excellent musicians - most recently including Pat Collins, one of Canada's most amazing Jazz bass players.